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Fall in the volume Easy kit

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Fall In The Volume Easy Kit – Lash Lift

This amazing Fall In The Volume “Easy Kit” is designed for lash lift treatments. This light kit includes Step 1 & Step 2 from the top selling Fall Into The Volume kit from out store. The new stunning packaging now means that lotions come in sachets rather than bottles, which makes it easier to plan how many treatments you can do with this kit.

Perming your eyelashes makes them thicker, stronger and consequently healthier! This kit is suitable for both short and long eyelashes.

Step 1 – Long and Curl cream

Step 2 – Volume Setting Cream

Included in the kit

  • Step 1 (10 Sachets)
  • Step 2 (10 Sachets)

This is a light version of the full lash lift kit. It will not include fixing gel (glue), shields and other application tools, however these can be ordered separately here.


Thin hair: 10 - 15 min

Normal Hair: 15 - 20 min

Thick Hair: 20 - 25 min

Recommended using time can be adjustable depending on the length, thickness and individual skill and technique. 

The time holding original curl can be different by aftercare product. 

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