Magic Curl Eyelash Curler

Description Eyelash Curler - Magic Curl by NEICHA. Thermal curler.

It has a clamping mechanism that curls the lashes in a few seconds. In addition, it will allow you to determine the shape of the hair to make a stunning impression. The product raises eyelashes from the tops and areas which the ink does not reach. Makes your eyes look bigger. The product is powered by AAA batteries (2 pcs.) *. Quickly heats up and changes color when it is ready. Clamped thermal applicator.

Curls the lashes in a few seconds.

Provides amazing effect.

Optically enlarges the eyes.

Provides seamless application.


1. Switch on the heater (the heater's warning light will turn on).

2. Put the upper lashes between the edges of the curler.

3. Gently clench the eyelashes at the base and hold for 2-3 seconds (repeat the operation for better effect).

Use on clean, unpainted lashes. Wipe the device with a tissue after each use.

* The batteries are not included.

R 200,00