Amino Lifting Lash Lift Kit


Product Description This is a more Economical Lash Lift kit up to 60 treatments!

Our new lash lifting kit is perfect solution for curling and lifting up natural eyelashes for longer time. The Amino eyelash lifting smoothens, lifts and stretches eyelashes gently making them look perceptibly longer. Gives an attractive curl to straight natural lashes and visually widens the eyes. Strong perfect curl lasts up to 4-5 weeks. Amino Lash Lifting Kit Includes: Cream 1 – opens scales of eyelashes, softens and makes eyelashes more flexible to adjust a curl. Cream 2 – curl fixation, fastens perming result. Fixing Gel – fixes eyelashes on the silicone roller. Silicone reusable Pad Sets This kit comes in neat retail packaging along with using instructions and list of ingredients. Please check our full range of lash lifting products here.Lash lifting is a great way to to create a dramatic look without going for false eyelashes. You can also wear mascara after lifting procedure, however do not use waterproof mascara, as it will decrease the effect. Instructions: 1. Clean Lashes thoroughly, removing any makeup, oil or dirt. 2. Apply a gel patch (not included) to the lower lashes to hold them securely out of the way during the procedure. 3. Use the fixing gel to apply the silicone pads to the eyelid up to the base of the lashes where they will form the lash curl. 4. Apply fixing gel to the top of the silicone pads, and pull the lashes down to the pads and gel continuously stroking them and apply pressure down in to the gel. 5. Once the lashes are attached to the fixing gel, apply the Cream #1 for 10-20 minutes which softens them making them more flexible to accept the new curl. 6. Remove the Cream #1 with a cotton swab and gently apply Cream #2 to the lashes. Let sit for 10-20 minutes (shorter time for thinner lashes) This is the perming cream that will hold the lashes to their new curl. 7. Remove the Cream #2 with a cotton swab and gently detach the lashes from the fixing gel and silicone pads. Clean all lashes and eye skin thoroughly removing any creams or old fixing gel left behind.

R 450,00