lash lift

Fall In The Volume Set 2


It is attractive to look, using a minimum of cosmetics and, 
if possible, without resorting to daily procedures, every modern woman wants. Elegant, beautifully curved, black eyelashes without build-up and staining -
all this is a lamination of eyelashes! Depending on the condition of the eyelashes, the procedure can be performed
once a month for strong and healthy eyelashes
or several times in 1-1.5 months for thin and weak eyelashes.
Advantages of the FALL IN THE VOLUME:

Elegant bend and thickening of eyelashes up to 30%;
The effect, which lasts up to 12 weeks;
Economical consumption, enough for 25-30 procedures
Comfortable containers with preparations are great for comfortable work
Premium quality guaranteed by a South Korean manufacturer
Attractive price
Highly recommended by professionals from all over the world

Kit contents: The composition of the "FALL IN THE VOLUME (WHOLE SET)" eyelash set includes
the following preparations: 1. Adhesive gel to fix the hair curlers (5 ml) 2. Cream softening No. 1 (4 ml) 3. Cream fixing № 2 (4 ml) 4. Keratin composition No. 3 (KERATIN BOOST) (4 ml) 5. Nourishing Essence (PURE ESSENCE) (4 ml) 6. Black fixer (4 ml) 7. Silicone curler in three sizes:    - S (small) - 3 pcs.    - M (medium) - 3 pcs.    - L (large) to create a natural curl - 3 pcs

R 795,00