Eyebrows Mascara

Description Mascara for eyebrows BLAN SHUTTE EYEBROW MASCARA for creating an excellent result. Ideal eyebrows - natural colors and even distribution! Natural shade of LIGHT BROWN, NATURAL BROWN, DARK BROWN. Component D-Panthenol, part of the mascara for the eyebrows, protects the structure of the hairs and feeds them. Due to its semi-waterproof structure, it covers the hairs with the finest light film and ensures a uniform distribution of the carcass during application. Properties of mascara for eyebrows: · It dries quickly · Does not spread, while it is easily washed off with water (semi-water-resistant). Two-sided brush shape is designed to give the eyebrows a natural beautiful shape and volume: · Even brush helps to evenly color the whole eyebrow · A curved brush combs the eyebrows and gives them an attractive shape and volume. Shelf-life: 24 months. After opening: 6 months. Volume / weight: 6 g.

R 90,00
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