Foundation Training Course, that requires no prior experience in beauty industry. The course suitable for complete beginners, who would like to enter the lash industry, as well as for students who feel like they need to refresh their knowledge in basic eyelash extensions application, styling and safety.


The course consist of 2 full days 1 week apart. Manual will be send to your email few days prior the course, it allows you to read through and attend the practical class with basic knowledge and ask useful questions during the practical classes!



  • History


  • Health and Safety


  • Allergic Reactions


  • Choosing best equipment and tools


  • Client consultation


  • Glue and its proper use


  • Types of eyelashes


  • Different styling


  • Choosing correct styling for your client


  • Correct application of lashes


  • Eyelash Removal


  • Eyelash Aftercare


  • Neicha Product Training





NEICHA is one of the leading eyelash extensions supplier in the industry around the Globe.


Our Lash Educator is Internationally Certified with Lash Inc.


Our Classes are kept small (a maximum of 3 students), which means you get invaluable one-to-one time with your tutor. Our techniques are clear and concise. After Completion of the course, you will receive certificate of attendance.


Learning doesn’t finish with the end of the course - for international certification, students are expected to create a portfolio of practical work after completion of the course/ to do a practical exam and a theory test at their own convenience. It takes time for a lash artist to become a Master. We will support you all the way to your Success!







NEICHA Optimum kit consist of enough products to cover 30 treatments:



  • Primer 15ml


  • Foam Cleanser 40ml


  • Micro-brushes x 100


  • Disposable mascara brushes x 50


  • Glue - 10 g


  • 3 Trays of Premium eyelashes (in 1 curl)


  • Cream remover 5g


  • 2 Tweezers


  • 20 Lint free eyepatches


  • Tape


  • Blower


  • Mask


  • Lash Pallet


  • Glue Stickers x 10


NEICHA classic DELUX kit consist of enough products to cover 50 treatments:



  • Primer 15ml


  • Foam Cleanser 40ml


  • Micro-brushes x 100


  • Disposable mascara brushes x 50


  • Glue - 5g x 2


  • 6 Trays of Premium eyelashes (2 curls)


  • 2 Tweezers


  • 50 pairs Lint free eyepatches


  • 2 Tapes


  • Blower


  • Mask


  • Lash Pallets x 2


  • Glue Stickers x20


  • Cream remover 5g


  • Nanomister


  • Temperature & Humidity meter







R5,500 (Includes Optimum Kit)

R7,500 (Includes Delux Kit)


R 5500,00
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