What Glue is Used for Eyelash Extensions?

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Eyelash extensions elevate beauty, requiring a strong yet gentle adhesive. The secret lies in understanding the types and proper application of eyelash glue, ensuring durability and comfort.

The Science Behind Eyelash Glue

Eyelash adhesives primarily consist of cyanoacrylate, a quick-bonding family of adhesives. The typical formulation includes 90% to 95% cyanoacrylate and 5% to 10% of other compounds, enhancing thickness, speed of hardening, color, and stability.

Types of Cyanoacrylate

  • Ethyl-Cyanoacrylate: Common in eyelash glues for its strong bond and quick drying, though it may irritate sensitive eyes.
  • Alkoxy-Cyanoacrylate: Less irritating with a mild odor, suitable for sensitive clients but at a higher cost.
  • Methoxy-Cyanoacrylate: Offers the least irritation and is odorless, albeit with slower drying and weaker bond strength.

Environmental Factors Affecting Adhesive Performance

Humidity and temperature significantly influence cyanoacrylate adhesives. Optimal conditions range between 40% to 60% humidity and 65-73 degrees Fahrenheit. Adjusting your work environment can enhance the glue's performance and extension retention.

Enhancing Lash Extension Retention

Effective retention relies on several factors:

  1. Proper Application: Understanding the adhesive's properties and adjusting the application technique accordingly.
  2. Freshness of the Glue: Use fresh adhesive for the best results, replacing it every 30 to 45 days.
  3. Client Aftercare: Educating clients on proper aftercare to extend the life of their extensions.

NEICHA's Premium Eyelash Glue

eyelash glue

NEICHA's eyelash glue is formulated with the perfect balance of strength and gentleness, crafted from premium ingredients. Our adhesives are tailored to withstand various conditions, ensuring your lashes remain impeccable.

Application Tips for Optimal Results

  • Preparation: Clean lashes thoroughly.
  • Application: Adjust the amount of glue based on environmental conditions and adhesive type.
  • Environment Control: Maintain ideal humidity and temperature in your workspace.


Choosing the right eyelash glue is fundamental for stunning extensions. NEICHA offers adhesives that empower beauty, combining scientific innovation with practical application tips. Embrace NEICHA for eyelash extensions that captivate with every glance.

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