Eyelash Glue & Eyelash Extension Products

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NEICHA: The Epitome of Premium Eyelash Glue & Accessories

At NEICHA, we don’t just offer products - we deliver a promise. A promise of immaculate beauty blended seamlessly with your unique charm. When you think of the finest, most resilient eyelash glue, let your thoughts lead you to us. Because every flutter of your lashes should speak volumes.

A Symphony of Perfection

Delve into the intricate allure of our premium eyelashes. Crafted from the world’s most superior eyelash fibers, they resonate with unmatched elegance. But what truly makes these lashes come alive? Our top-tier eyelash glue. Perfecting the art of a stronghold, our adhesive ensures your lashes remain immaculate from dawn to dusk. When you wear NEICHA, you don't just wear a product - you wear a masterpiece.

Optimised for Excellence

Every glance, every shimmer, every flutter matters. That’s why we’ve invested immeasurable care into perfecting our eyelash glue formula. We understand its importance in the world of eyelashes, and thus, we bring forth a product that is nothing short of excellent. Specifically formulated to enhance longevity and robustness, our glue not only ensures your lashes stay intact but also nurtures them.

Crafted with Intent

Our commitment is beyond skin-deep. Embedded in the very DNA of NEICHA is the French essence of "Pure Beauty" – a combination of "Neige" signifying purity, and "Charmant" epitomising adorable beauty. Through our extensive range of products, from lush lashes to the premier eyelash adhesive, we ensure you resonate with this pure beauty.

Elevate Your Beauty Game | Eyelash Glue

As you embark on a journey through our meticulously curated All Products collection, remember: It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling transcendent. It's about capturing and showcasing your unique essence with the finest that beauty can offer. And above all, it’s about entrusting your beauty to a brand that understands it like no other.

At NEICHA, we don’t just set standards. We surpass them. Welcome to a realm where quality meets passion. Welcome to NEICHA.

Neicha prioritises customer satisfaction and offers a full refund for products that are unopened and unused within 7 days of the purchase. Customers should be aware that they will be responsible for the shipping costs on returns, which must be in the original packaging and safely packaged with proof of purchase​​.

If your product arrives with visible defects, you should take photos of the defects and send them to Neicha within the 7 days of purchase. They will follow up to resolve the issue. It is important to handle products under warranty with care​​.

The payment gateways on Neicha.co.za adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS, managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, a joint effort of major credit card brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, ensuring a secure payment process​​.

Standard delivery time for JHB-PTA is same working day if you order before 10:00am or the next working morning if you order after 10:00am. If you are located in other provinces it will take 2-3 working days. 

However times may differ due to the Courier Guy schedules.

What is the composition of NEICHA’s eyelash glue and what makes it unique?

NEICHA's eyelash glue is crafted from a blend of premium ingredients, offering a steadfast hold while being gentle on lashes. It is designed to provide durability without compromising on the health of the eyelashes, ensuring they flutter with grace even in challenging weather conditions​​.

When choosing glue for eyelashes, look for an adhesive that balances durability with gentleness to ensure it holds the eyelashes securely while not damaging them. It should also be suitable for use in various environmental conditions​​.

Neicha offers 8 ranges of eyelash glues, These come in various sizes such as 3g, 5g, and 10g to cater to different needs and preferences​​.

Neicha's eyelash glue is designed to ensure a secure and long-lasting hold, enhancing the natural beauty of the eyes in a way that feels effortless. This glue for eyelashes allows for confidence and elegance, turning heads and leaving a lasting impression with their classic eyelash extensions​​.

The main benefit of using Neicha eyelash glue is its ability to provide a strong, durable hold for eyelash extensions, ensuring they stay in place for an extended period. This gives wearers peace of mind that their stunning look will last​​.

For removal, it's recommended to use a professional eyelash glue remover to ensure the health of your natural eyelashes and prevent damage.

NEICHA eyelash glue can be purchased directly from our website. We deliver nationwide, offering access to our world-class products anywhere in South Africa.