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NEICHA’s Premium Lash Extension Courses: Master the Art of Lash Elegance

In the intricate world of eyelash artistry, expertise is not just admired—it's essential. Welcome to NEICHA’s dedicated Lash Extension Courses, where we unravel the secrets of perfect lash applications, ensuring you thrive as a luminary in this delicate craft.

The Confluence of Technique & Beauty

NEICHA’s lash extension courses seamlessly  blend theory with hands-on practice, ingraining in you the proficiency to enhance natural beauty. These courses are a reflection of our brand's ethos: an unyielding commitment to "Pure Beauty". And now, we invite you to be a part of this vision, to mould and be moulded by the world of eyelash elegance.

Why Embark on a Lash Extension Course with NEICHA?

Dive into a curriculum that encapsulates decades of experience, research, and a thorough understanding of contemporary lash trends. Our lash extension course is meticulously designed to offer unparalleled insight into the world of lashes—from understanding the finest eyelash fibers to mastering the art of our premium eyelash glue application.

The Pathway to Lash Brilliance

Every blink can tell a story, and every lash can be a stroke of perfection. With NEICHA, you're not just learning a skill; you're embracing a passion. Our courses set the foundation for you to etch memorable stories, ensuring every set of eyes you work upon leaves a mesmerising impression.

Elevate Your Lash Expertise with NEICHA

Whether you’re a budding lash enthusiast or a seasoned artist aiming for perfection, our lash extension courses promise evolution. They're not just courses; they're a journey—one that takes you through the very heart of NEICHA's commitment to pure, clean beauty.

Immerse yourself in an environment where learning meets luxury, where every lesson is a step closer to lash excellence. Trust in NEICHA, and let your journey in mastering the art of eyelashes begin. Discover, evolve, and let your skills bloom in full splendour. Welcome to the forefront of lash education. Welcome to NEICHA.

What will I learn in a NEICHA lash extension course?

You will learn the art of lash application, including the use of the finest eyelash fibers and the precision required for premium eyelash glue application, along with current lash trends​​.

Who are NEICHA’s lash extension courses designed for?

The courses are crafted for both budding lash enthusiasts and seasoned artists, catering to varying levels of expertise and aiming to elevate your lash application skills to professional standards​​.

How does NEICHA's lash extension course blend theory and practice?

NEICHA’s courses integrate theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice to provide a comprehensive learning experience that ingrains proficiency in enhancing natural beauty​​.

What is unique about the training offered in the course?

The training is conducted by internationally certified lash educators, with a focus on top worldwide brands and the latest European techniques. Classes are small for individualized attention and continuous support is offered through group chat even after the course completion.

The course costs R4,500 with the Optimum Kit and R6,000 with the Deluxe Kit, providing all the materials needed for multiple treatments.

You will receive a certificate of attendance. For international accreditation, additional requirements include creating a portfolio of practical work and completing a practical exam and theory test at your convenience.

There are different kits available. The comprehensive Kit, covering 30 treatments, is included in the course cost of R6,200. The Deluxe Kit, covering 50 treatments, is included for R7,500. The course without a kit costs R3,300. Kits include items like primer, cleanser, micro-brushes, mascara brushes, glue, premium eyelashes, remover, tweezers, eyepatches, and other essential tools.