Henna Eyebrow Tint


NEICHA's Bronsun Tint & Henna Collection

Where Elegance Meets Effortless Beauty Unveiling

As the canvases of our emotions, eyebrows possess the power to define, enhance, and elevate our facial aesthetics. At NEICHA, we understand the art and science behind every arch, every curve, and every hue. We proudly present our Bronsun Tint & Henna Collection, meticulously curated for those seeking the epitome of brow excellence.

Discover the Charm of Henna Eyebrow Tint

The quest for the perfect brows often leads to a myriad of products. Yet, few can rival the natural allure, longevity, and richness of a henna eyebrow tint. Harnessing the potent essence of henna, our tints drench your brows in lush, radiant colours that compliment your unique beauty. But why opt for henna? Apart from its storied legacy in the annals of beauty, henna offers a more natural, skin-friendly alternative to chemical tints. With our henna eyebrow tint, your brows are not only tinted but also conditioned, ensuring they remain lustrous and healthy.

Bronsun: The Synonym of Premium

Why choose Bronsun in a world teeming with options? Simply put, it's the confluence of quality, innovation, and the promise of pure beauty. Our Bronsun range within the collection stands testament to this ethos, providing unparalleled depth of colour, longevity, and a finish that looks exquisitely natural.

Why NEICHA’s Henna Eyebrow Tint Stands Out

Beneath every product in the Bronsun Tint & Henna collection lies NEICHA's signature secret—our unyielding commitment to excellence. The careful selection of the world's premium ingredients, coupled with our innovative formulation techniques, ensures that every application is a step towards the embodiment of 'Pure Beauty'.

Define your gaze, amplify your allure, and let your eyes do the talking. Dive into a world where sophistication meets simplicity. With NEICHA's Bronsun Tint & Henna collection, each stroke becomes an ode to your individual beauty.

Embark on this transformative beauty journey. Let every tinted arch and curve be your signature. Welcome to the future of brow elegance. Welcome to NEICHA.

Neicha Henna eyebrow tint FAQs

What is henna eyebrow tint and how does it differ from regular dyes?

Henna eyebrow tint is a natural and skin-friendly alternative to chemical tints, known for its ability to impart lush, radiant colours while also conditioning the brows to keep them lustrous and healthy​​.

Why should I choose NEICHA's henna eyebrow tint?

NEICHA's Bronsun Tint & Henna collection is the epitome of quality and innovation, offering a premium tint with unparalleled depth of colour, longevity, and a finish that looks natural​​.

How long does henna eyebrow tint last?

Henna tint typically has a longer-lasting effect than conventional brow tints, though the exact duration will vary based on your skin type and how you care for your brows after application.

Henna is generally more natural and gentle than synthetic dyes, making it suitable for many skin types. However, a patch test is always recommended to rule out any sensitivities.

While henna can be applied at home, for best results, especially if you're new to henna tints, it's recommended to have the application done by a professional.

NEICHA offers a variety of shades to match and compliment different skin tones and preferences. Check their website for the full spectrum of colours.

Henna not only tints the brows but also provides a conditioning effect, promoting healthier-looking brows. It's also known for its longevity and natural finish.