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Discover NEICHA's Premium Disposables Collection: Where Precision Meets Purity

In the world of eyelash artistry, the devil is in the details. NEICHA recognises that the foundation of a flawless look often begins with the tools you use. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our carefully curated Disposables Collection, where every accessory has been designed with the utmost precision to ensure your beauty journey is nothing short of perfect.

The Eye Patch Revolution: Comfort Meets Precision

The spotlight in our Disposables Collection unquestionably shines on our premium Eye Patches. Tailored for comfort and effectiveness, these patches play a pivotal role in the lash application process. Crafted with hypoallergenic materials, they ensure the sensitive under-eye area is well-protected, paving the way for a seamless and worry-free eyelash experience.

But our eye patches offer more than just protection. Their ergonomic design ensures they fit perfectly on every eye shape, effectively isolating the lower lashes, and providing an ideal working surface for professionals. With NEICHA's Eye Patches, every blink is underscored by safety, purity, and precision.

Purity in Every Product

Aligned with our ethos of "Pure Beauty", each disposable in our collection echoes the principles of purity and hygiene. Whether you're a professional ensuring the safety of your clients or an individual keen on maintaining impeccable standards, our disposables are indispensable. Every product stands as a testament to NEICHA's unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring your beauty routine remains untainted and uncompromised.

Elevate Your Lash Game with NEICHA

The magic of enhancing your natural beauty often lies in the unseen heroes of the process. With our Disposables Collection, you're not merely investing in accessories but in the promise of precision, purity, and unparalleled performance.

Step into NEICHA's world where every detail matters. Embrace the blend of comfort, functionality, and elegance that our disposables bring to the table. After all, in the journey of crafting beauty, it's the finer touches that truly make all the difference.

Neicha's Collagen Eyepatches are designed to protect the bottom lashes during eyelash application. They apply easily and stay in place without moving or sliding down during treatment. These patches are lint-free and safe to use.

Collagen eye patches are designed to offer comfort and care during eyelash extension applications. They can help to hydrate and firm the skin beneath the eyes, potentially reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles​​.

Cleanse the under-eye area, then gently place the eye patch to cover the lower lashes, ensuring a secure fit for protection and comfort during lash extension application.

The PURE HYDROGEL EYE PATCH is known for its hydrating formula, providing a refreshing treatment to the delicate under-eye area while also serving as a protective barrier during eyelash extensions​​.

NEICHA's Eye Patches are designed to fit all eye shapes snugly, isolating the lower lashes and providing a stable working surface, which is crucial for precision in eyelash extension application.

The Eye Patches are crafted from hypoallergenic materials to protect the sensitive under-eye area during the eyelash extension process, aligning with NEICHA's commitment to safety and purity.

Disposables like eye patches ensure a hygienic and safe environment for both the lash technician and the client, which is essential for maintaining high standards of eyelash extension procedures.

Each disposable product, including Eye Patches, emphasizes purity and hygiene, which is fundamental to NEICHA's approach towards beauty and lash care.