Eyelash Glue & Other Adhesives

NEICHA's Eyelash Glue & More

In the realm of beauty, where every detail matters, one element stands paramount – the adhesive (glue for eyelashes and eyelash glue). NEICHA, a name echoing the essence of "Pure Beauty", proudly presents its specialised range dedicated to lash adhesives, ensuring your eyelashes don't just flutter but do so with grace.

Exquisite Hold with NEICHA’s Eyelash Glue

When it comes to eyelash glue, NEICHA redefines excellence. Meticulously crafted from a blend of premium ingredients, our adhesive is designed not only to offer a steadfast hold but also to cherish and respect the delicate nature of your lashes. We comprehend the essence of a reliable adhesive – the unseen hero behind those awe-inspiring, fluttering eyelashes.


While many offer adhesive solutions, our glue for eyelashes has been curated to ensure the perfect harmony between durability and gentleness. A product that’s a culmination of research, passion, and expertise, it serves not just as a glue, but as a commitment to your beauty. The result? An adhesive that remains resolute, regardless of whether you’re battling the British drizzle or dancing the night away.

Empower Your Lashes with NEICHA

To choose NEICHA is to choose an adhesive that’s more than just functional – it’s transformative. Our glue for eyelashes and eyelash glue amplifies every blink, every glance, ensuring you remain the centre of attention. Dive into our collection, and let your lashes narrate tales of allure and charm.

The Science of Secure Adhesion

In an era flooded with fleeting beauty solutions, NEICHA chooses to be different. Our glue for eyelashes and eyelash glue is a testament to precision and innovation, ensuring not a momentary allure, but a lasting bond. It seamlessly integrates with your natural lashes, maintaining an enduring hold whilst appearing utterly invisible. Each application whispers a promise: to let your unique beauty shine, unshaken.

For lashes that speak volumes and eyelash glue that vows to support every word, trust only in NEICHA. Discover, experience, and revel in the world of unparalleled adhesion. Welcome to NEICHA's glue for eyelashes haven.

NEICHA’s Glue Composition

What is the composition of NEICHA’s eyelash glue and what makes it unique?

NEICHA's eyelash glue is crafted from a blend of premium ingredients, offering a steadfast hold while being gentle on lashes. It is designed to provide durability without compromising on the health of the eyelashes, ensuring they flutter with grace even in challenging weather conditions​​.

Neicha Glue

Can NEICHA eyelash glue handle extreme weather or activities?

Yes, NEICHA's glue for eyelashes is designed to be resilient, maintaining its hold through various conditions such as rain or during physical activities​​.

Frequently asked questions about Adhesives:

1. What should I look for when choosing glue for eyelashes?

When choosing glue for eyelashes, look for an adhesive that balances durability with gentleness to ensure it holds the eyelashes securely while not damaging them. It should also be suitable for use in various environmental conditions​​.

2. What sets NEICHA eyelash glues apart from others on the market?

NEICHA eyelash glues stand out due to their blend of premium ingredients that offer both durability and gentleness, ensuring a strong hold without compromising the delicate nature of your lashes​​.

3. What is the philosophy behind NEICHA's eyelash adhesives?

NEICHA believes in empowering your beauty with eyelash glues that are not just functional but transformative, aiming to amplify every blink and ensure that your lashes remain the center of attention​​.

4. How does NEICHA ensure the quality of its eyelash glue?

NEICHA commits to quality by using a carefully selected blend of premium ingredients, emphasising a balance between a strong hold and lash care.

5. Will NEICHA eyelash glue be visible after application?

Neicha eyelash glue is designed to integrate seamlessly with your natural lashes, providing a strong hold while remaining invisible to ensure a natural look.

6. How do I apply NEICHA eyelash glue for the best results?

For optimal results, apply a thin line of NEICHA eyelash glue along the lash band, wait a few seconds for it to become tacky, and then apply the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible.

7. Is there a variety of NEICHA eyelash glues to choose from?

NEICHA offers a specialised range of lash glues to suit different preferences and needs, ensuring that there is a perfect product for everyone.