Dr. Pen M8 Microneedling Machine- CORDED / CORDLESS

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Model Corded

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Helpful in treating the following skin conditions:
Superior effect on collagen & elastin rejuvenation.
Treats cellulite & stretch marks.
Rejuvanated & tightens skin.
Treat fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown line.
Treats under eye area to reduce the appearance of dark circles & bags.
Treats scars.
Treats acne scars.
Treats hyperpigmentation, sun spots & age spots.
Treats chicken skin.
Treats ageing.
Improves uneven skin texture.
Atomatic and charging
Adjustable Needle length from 0.25mm to 2.5mm
Adjustable 6 level speed control to 15000rpm
Highest quality for medical professionals(Aluminum Housing)
Optimal absorption of products
Compact and ergonomic design
Warranty -6 months
Package Content:
1. Dr.pen M8-C device *1pcs
2. 16 pins cartridges*2pc
3. Adapter*1pcs
4. Charger*1pcs
5. Manual*1pcs
6. Cable*1pcs