Bronsun Brow Sculpt #2 10ml

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Bronsun brow sculpt


Bronsun's Long-Term Brow Perm/Brow Lamination recovers and strengthens hair. It softens hairs so they can be shaped into the desired position, creating a fuller-looking brow.

The new compositions softly affect eyebrows, virtually have no unpleasant odour, and act extremely fast. The formula does not contain thioglycolates, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide. The main active ingredient is cysteamine. Due to this, the compositions work delicately, but very effectively.

The gentle effect and high concentration of care components allow to protect hairs to the utmost during and after long-term styling.

• Express formula based on cysteamine
• Requires no glue

• High concentration of care components

• Soft effect on hairs and skin
• Less vapour and unpleasant odours

• Bottle with a dispenser
• Large volume 10 ml - lasts up to 50 treatments

How to use:


put the cream on the eyebrows, spread along the hairs, carefully creating the desired direction. The exposure time for Composition #2 is the same as for Composition #1.

As the exposure time is over, completely remove Composition #2 with a wet cotton pad.