Skin Miracle BRIGHTENING ampoules 30ae

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Skin Miracle Brightening Ampoule
Find your light. The miracle of the skin begins with Skin Miracle. Skin that you want to go back to. Skin Miracle Brightening Ampoule
Enjoy the natural glow of your skin.
A miracle of one drop, Skin Miracle.
Skin Miracle Brightening Ampoule
30 Ampoule Program to Recover My Skin. Just tap it open, Leave the rest to Skin Miracle.
1. It's moisturizing
2. It gives you smooth skin.
3. It nourishes the skin and makes it clear
4. whitening cosmetics, It contains albumin that helps whitening your skin
Helps relieve freckles. 

A disposable ampoule
(Used immediately after opening)
When you go on vacation, when work out, or when go abroad, very convenient packaging.
Open the entrance to a convenient container that can be used directly on your face
It's comfortable to squeeze it on the palm of your hand
Apply it yourself and use it.
recommend it to people with- 
Dull skin, dry skin, lack of moisture and sensitive skin.
Bergamot oil, orange peel oil, Arbutin,
Tocopherol (vitamin E) ascorbilglucoside