Mobile MACRO zooming camera lens LED flash light

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Mobile Macro LED Flash light 

Having the money to pay for professional photographers is enough of a pain, let alone finding one! Plus, having to rely on someone else’s time schedule is not the best option.

We all want perfect lash photography but we can’t all afford (and don’t want to rely on) expensive professionals.

Now you can have perfect lash photography every time with our macro lens that clips onto your mobile phone! Perfect for DIY tutorials and easy to use by anyone.


-Flash light

-Macro Lens 

-Dust proof cover



-USB charging cable

-Dust Cloth 


1. first screw the macro lens into the center of the clip in the rotate clockwise.

2. Mount the macro lens into the LED light , once you hear the click the installation is finished . Make sure the camera is in the center lense.

3. turn on the phone camera , press the switch button ofd light for 2 seconds , when you taking photos.