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The essential item for eyelash extension specialists. Make eyelash extension procedure faster and safer with this non-alcoholic fast solution.

Experience all of the different curing accelerations with a fast solution alone.

* Fake eyelashes + Natural eyelashes → Fastest speed

* Fake eyelashes → Faster speed

* Natural eyelashes → Fast speed

Use it with confidence! - The fast solution is a non-alcoholic curing accelerator. 

All ingredients are comparable to EWG first-grade green standards. Even if you apply it to false eyelashes using a microbrush and wipe it off slightly, the fast solution helps create a perfect volume fan.


Aqua,soduim carbonate,capryl glycol,hexanediol,stearamidopropyl dimethylamine lactate, glycerin,arginne 

Have you ever stood impatiently by, watching glue dry on a set of lash extensions, feeling like you could watch paint dry faster? Well, bid farewell to the slow crawl of time with the REFINADO FAST SOLUTION-Super Bond! This non-alcoholic wonder potion accelerates the curing process so quickly, you’ll think it’s magic.

Imagine this: You’re sitting with a client, and instead of the usual small talk while waiting for the glue to set, you're already admiring the beautiful volume fan you've created. Why? Because with just a tiny drop of this fast solution, you’ve cut down the wait time. It’s not just a time-saver, it’s a game-changer.

“Hang on, did you just say it’s eco-friendly too?” That’s right, my eco-conscious friends. All ingredients align with EWG's first-grade green standards. Picture yourself explaining this to your clients – they’re not just getting gorgeous lashes, they're also getting the peace of mind that comes with using environmentally respectful products.

And let’s not forget about that pesky blower you’ve had to use. With REFINADO, it's practically obsolete. “What blower?” you’ll say, as you twirl your brush with the finesse of a maestro.

So, what’s in it for you? More time, happier clients, and an upgrade to your lash game. Are you ready to fast-forward your lash sessions into the future? Trust me, your lash tweezers will thank you.

Best Practices and How to Use the Product:

  • Ensure the eyelashes are clean and dry before application.
  • Apply a small amount of REFINADO FAST SOLUTION to a microbrush.
  • Gently brush the solution onto the false eyelashes and adhesive.
  • Use the solution sparingly; a little goes a long way.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and do not apply directly to natural eyelashes.
  • Allow the solution to work its magic, speeding up the glue's drying time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can the REFINADO FAST SOLUTION be used with any eyelash glue?

A: Yes, it is designed to accelerate the curing time of all types of eyelash extension glues.

Q: Is this product safe for sensitive eyes?

A: The ingredients are EWG first-grade green standard compliant, but it's always best to do a patch test first.

Q: How much product should I use per application?

A: Just a small drop is enough. It's powerful, so use it sparingly.

Q: Can REFINADO FAST SOLUTION shorten the overall eyelash extension procedure time?

A: Absolutely, it reduces the drying time significantly, allowing for a faster procedure.

Q: What should I do if the solution gets into the eyes?

A: Rinse the eyes with water immediately and seek medical advice if irritation persists.