Tweezer Protector Bracelet

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  • Skipping an heart beat while dropping your favorite expensive tweezers, is a thing of the past. Our tweezer delighter makes sure that your tweezers never hit the ground, butter fingers can wait
  • Made of stretchable silicone material suitable for all wrist sizes and types of tweezers. This lash band is your tweezers bestie.
  • Attach the tweezer delighter to the end of your tweezers, and slip it on your wrist to never worry again Tweezers protector band will protect your tweezers from hitting the floor.
  • The wrist band is very light weight, comfortable and made of soft breathable silicone, resistant to damage. Never compromising on your comfortability
  • this is a genuis innovation saving you money. The ideal present you can give to yourself is to invest in yourself